Our crew went to the ESHRE convention in Vienna

For the second year in a row ASP is responsible for the entire technical set during the management meeting of bpost. 

The project was a 2-day business event for EY Partners. 

During the uAcademy of UBC, wich is a meeting for the UBC top management, ASP engineerd and installed the overall...

For the internal management meeting of bpost ASP was in charge of the overall audiovisual setup.

The Afrcian Development Bank held its 2015 annual meeting in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.


Event design by In The Spotlights


Technical enginnering & production by ASP

ASP was assigned to provide all the technical support as well as content production for another SJM Field Leadership...

Based on the creative input of DDMC, ASP engineered and installed the audiovisual setup for this conference. The...