SJM Dorint Amsterdam
21.03.2012 to 23.03.2012
Dorint Hotel, Amsterdam
Sint Jude Medical

Production Manager ASP

Danny De Wit


Event Director ASP

Marcel Benard


Project Manager SJM

Ruth Vervaecke

ASP was appointed to provide all the technical support for another SJM FLM Meeting, for the second time in the Dorint Hotel in Amsterdam. For this introduction meeting SJM decided upon our advice, to choose for a wide screen projection ( 3,3 m on 11 m) over the total length of the back wall instead of the regular set up with projection screens on both sides of the stage. In this way the impact of the presentations and videos was much higher and much more dynamic. To enlarge the impact of the presentations, our team of specialists, translated all content to full screen presentations and video’s with key-messages, facts & figures surrounded by graphic effects and animations. Feedback of the participants was very positive and the speakers were very motivated by this new and dynamic approach.


Photography : Koen Luyten