St Jude Medical - FLM Meeting
18.09.2014 to 19.09.2014
Hilton Hotel Avenida Diagonal, Barcelona
St Jude Medical

Production Manager ASP:

Marcel Benard


CAD & Engineering ASP:

Vincent Ex


Project Manager SJM:

Ruth Vervaecke



ASP was assigned to provide all the technical support as well as content production for another SJM Field Leadership Meeting, this time at the Hilton Hotel in Barcelona.

After the positive feedback from the previous FLM Meeting in Rome, SJM wanted to continue to work with us and asked ASP to come up with a new scenograpic design. One of the key elements during the breifing meeting was interactivity and therefore we proposed to have a 'arena setup'.

To enlarge the impact of the presentations, our team of specialists, translated all content to full screen key note presentations and kick off video’s and bumpers with key-messages, facts & figures surrounded by graphic effects and animations around the overall theme of the meeting : Accelerate Growth. 
Photography: Koen Luyten