Brussels Airport & Procter & Gamble
22.10.2008 to 24.10.2008
Skyhall, Zaventem
DDMC Europe

Production Manager ASP

Glenn Renard


CAD & Engineering ASP

Tom Van den Burg


Project Manager DDMC

Patrick Nassogne

Following the 2007 edition , a new event for Brussels Airport took place on 23/10/2008 in the Skyhall. 600 guests were served a magnificent dinner , and during a dynamic show with musical performances by Gunther Neefs , Jo Lemaire and Cookies & Cream, prizes were awarded to the regular partners of Brussels Airport .


3 trailers plus a truckload of equipment were brought in for the exceptional setup conceived by Patrick Nassogne of DDMC Europe. Once again, ASP took care of the technical and decorational needs of this project. An extra challenge for this editon was the fact that a 7 hours after the Brussels Airport guests left the premises, the P&G guests arrived for their own event planned on 24/10/2008 ! Patrick Nassogne and ASP put their heads together and thought up a way to welcome these guests in an equally unique setting.


11x 2T 8 m groundsupport poles - 575 running metres Prolyte truss - 10 x Vari*Lite VL2500 - 14 x Vari*Lite VL500D - 4 x Martin Atomic 3000W strobe - 128kW conventional light - 32 x L’Acoustics Kiva - 8 x L’Acoustics dV-sub - 4x L’Acoustics SB218 sub - 8 x L’Acoutsics MTD 108 - 2 x Yamaha LS9 mixing console - 1 x Dolby Lake processor - 1 x XTA processor - 1 x Barco R12+ 12000 ansilumen projector