Coca Cola Enterprises Sales Meeting 2013
The Egg, Brussels

Production Manager ASP

Glenn Renard


Project Manager DDMC

Alex Cautaerts

In the beginning of this year, CCE Benelux gathered all their employees for the 2013 Sales Meeting. Alex Cautaerts from DDMC was responsible to create the perfect environment for Coca-Cola to welcome their guests. Once Alex finished the design he relied on ASP to take care of the technical engineering and production of this impressive show. The long catwalk created a strong Coca-Cola event experience and made sure that all 800 participants were involved during the whole show. ASP provided 4 Barco R12 projectors for 4 screens of 5,96m by 2,75m, centrally flown loudspeakers for an optimal sound reinforcement and an aesthetic lighting set.


Photography: I love light photography