Coke Paris Disney DDMC
11.03.2012 to 15.03.2012
Paris, Disneyland

Production Manager ASP

Glenn Renard


CAD & Engineering ASP

Tom Van den Burg


Project Manager DDMC

Alex Cautaerts

After various successful previous editions, ASP was asked once again by one of it's most important clients, Alex Cautaerts of DDMC, to provide the technical and logistical support for another important international event for the Coca Cola Enterprise. Coca-Cola's Top 300 Managers were welcomed in the New Port Bay Club Hotel near Disneyland Paris for an intensive convention to discuss past results and future strategies. An absolute perfect technical support was of the essence and therefore Alex Cautaerts relied on ASP as a well trusted partner.


Large screen projection with Barco HD20 projectors, scenic elements, aesthetic lighting setups and, of course, a perfect sound reinforcement system (L'Acoustics) and infrastructure to guarantee the high quality standards this event asked for. Photography DDMC