DDMC C&A Brabanthal
19.02.2011 to 20.02.2011
Brabanthal Leuven

Production Manager ASP

Glenn Renard


CAD & Engineering

Tom Van den Burg


Project Manager DDMC

Alex Cautaerts & Bart Nys

A CEO descending from heaven, Peter Van De Veire as MC in a crazy DJ set, confetti, champagne, heavens’ gates literally opening, en so much more ! Alex Cautaerts from DDMC, thought all this up for the C&A company party. There was no doubt about it, 1200 (mostly feminine) employees had a fantastic time, and went completely crazy, and that is putting it lightly. ASP went to battle with 3 trailers full of equipment, to turn the ‘Brabanthal’ temporarily into a ‘7th Heaven’.