Enterprise of the year 2012
22.10.2012 to 23.10.2012
Heizel, Brussels, Auditorium 2000
Ernst & Young

Production Manager ASP

Koen Wilssens


Project Manager EY

Sabine Wagener

Commissioned by our trusted client EY, ASP supplied all technical support from A to Z for this annual 2-day top event.


The technical standards for this edition were set very high. The choice for HD quality for both the creation of the images as well as the projection was resolute: 2 x  Barco HD 20 – Full HD Projectors, each with a strength of 20.000 lumen ensured imposing backgrounds of 14 x 9 m. No less than 48 automatic lamps were discreetly incorporated into the décor and made sure that the lighting for the live recording was perfect, giving the important moments the momentum worthy of such a prestigious occasion. ( 20 x CP 1200 Wash , 12 x CP 1200HPE , 4 x VL 3500Q , 12 x CP 575 HPE , 14 x Thomas Pixelline ) Perfect sound levels and comprehensibility for each and every one of the 1700 guests was achieved by using L’Acoustics loudspeakers ( 18 x Kiva , 6 x dV-dosc , 4 x SB 218 , 4 x MTD 108A).


This year we also upgraded and extended the reception area. La Lorraine bakery Group and TPF took home the prestigious award as being selected the winners of this 2012 edition.


Photography: http://www.eventattitude.net