Enterprise of the year 2013
07.10.2013 to 08.10.2013
Heizel, Brussels, Auditorium 2000

Production Manager ASP

Christophe Van Schoorisse


Project Manager EY

Sabine Wagener

Once again EY contracted ASP for the full technical engineering, coordination and production of this prestigious event. The main goal of this annual event is to celebrate successful entrepreneurs, so they can share their stories, inspire others and receive the recognition they deserve.  Besides managing the audiovisual part of this show, ASP also took care of the video production. Video-director Yve Van der Donck produced for each nominated company an introduction video. Furthermore he created a brand new opening video and some impressive background animations to support the award show.


The winners of this year's edition are Tilman and Willemen Groep, respectively for the South part and the North part of Belgium.


Photography: Myphotowebsite