Entrepreneur of the year 2008
20.10.2008 to 21.10.2008
Heizel, Brussels

Production Manager ASP

Christophe Van Schoorisse


Project Manager EY

Sabine Wagener

The Entrepreneur of the year award, the most prestigious business award for entrepreneurs, celebrated it s 14th edition this year . For the 7th year running, organiser EY was able to rely on ASP to take care of a spectacular production.


For this edition ASP worked out an attractive technical concept, that gave this dynamic event the necessary audiovisual support . Striking elements were the eye-catchting projection, the debating bar and background that was animated by Clay Paky moving heads. Candidate award-winners gave informative company presentations and debated animatedly .


The jury chose Cartamundi from Turnhout from a selection of 6 nominated Flanders companies. Jury Chairman Baron Paul Buysse spoke enthusiatically of the way the playing cards manufacturer markets a traditional product in an innovative fashion. For French – speaking Belgium the award went to FIB Belgium, who are, according to Jury Chairman Jean Stéphenne, an example of an indstrial group for the future in Walloon. Thorough preparation ensured that the whole event went smoothly. The result was a well organised , spectacular show, with 2 well deserved winners.


Technical : Sound: - 14 L- Acoustics MTD 112 - 4 L- Acoustics dV Sub - Yamaha Digital Mixing Desk LS9/32 Light: - 17 Vari*Lite VL-500D - 6 Vari*Lite VL-1000-TS - 20 Martin MAC 600 NT - 18 Clay Paky Alpha Wash 1200 MSR - 16 Clay Paky Alpha HPE 1200 Video: - 2 Barco R 12