Eventives Atos EL 2012
Event Lounge

Production Manager ASP

Koen Wilssens


Project Manager Eventives

Nicolas Behaghel

Let’s transform The Event Lounge into a Cantina Latina, but keep it practical. That was the idea of Nicolas Behaghel of Eventives. The event was an internal event for Atos Wordline. First an informal presentation was held, and afterwards the guests were invited for dinner and a party.


ASP installed 8 Clay Paky HPE 300 spot- and washlights for the party. We put a nice lighting accent on each table with ACL pars. The basic set-up was used for general lighting of the hall. For sound reinforcement ASP installed a Meyer Sound set, for which The Event Lounge is acoustically ideal.


Photography: Gilles Baudier