Hello Bank by BNP Paribas Group
The Egg, Brussels

Production Manager ASP

Koen Wilssens


CAD & Engineering ASP

Tom Van den Burg


Project Manager DDMC

Frank Anthierens

Commissioned by DDMC, ASP took care of the full technical production for the launch of Hello Bank at The Egg in Brussels. After a successful press event for 50 people, we changed the room layout into an impressive meeting room and welcomed 350 BNP Paribas staff members for their first big presentation on Hello Bank. After the presentations guests were invited for dinner and drinks, giving us the perfect opportunity to show them a video of the press event, which we recorded and edited on site.


For this event we created a 15m x 5m front projection screen and used 2 Barco HDX-W18 projectors with edge blending. In order to increase the impact of the presentations we installed 2 Encore processors for high resolution background quality and multiple PIP's with live captation. Besides video, we also provided a classy light design and perfect sound reinforcement system.


Photography: www.ilovelight.be