Sony Dealers Day
Event Lounge Brussels
Group - O

Production Manager ASP

Koen Wilssens


Project Manager Group - O

Stefan Ceulemans

Group – O once again chose the Event Lounge as location for the SONY Dealer Days. Between the 15th and the 21st of January the network dealers were given the opportunity to discover the latest products.


In a smooth collaboration between Project Manager Stefan Ceulemans and ASP, the extensive possibilites of the Event Lounge were implemented. The available audio-visual equipment in the break-out areas , the entrance hall , the lounge and large hall, was complemented with extra equipment in order to highlight the exhibited products. The cyclo-wall was illuminated with 40 ACL lamps in order to emphasize the SONY Brand Colours. The next edition of the Dealer Days is scheduled for the autumn. ASP guaranteed a perfect service in order to make this tradeshow a success .