Belgacom Festival all over Belgium
01.06.2008 to 31.08.2008
Belgacom/ Belgacom Mobile

Production Manager ASP

Danny De Wit


Project Managers Belgacom

Sigrid Gorremans & Didier Matgen

Belgacom & Belgacom Mobile relied on ASP to provide technical and logistical support for their stand at the various top-festivals during the summer period throughout the whole of Belgium. One trailer and four trucks are necessary to transport the technical and other equipment to the various locations . Festival-goers can discover for free the newest technology Belgacom has to offer and can also try their luck at winning various gadgets. In 2008 the festival stand varies in surface from 200m² to 250m² and was discovered at Werchter Classic, GMM Dessel , Rock Werchter , Werchter Boutique , Dour Fesival , Franco Follies , Rimpelrock and Pukkelpop .