Carrefour Festival Shop
25.06.2010 to 21.08.2010
Grote Belgische Festivals, Graspop, Pukkelpop, Werchter

Production Manager ASP

Sven Hannes


Project Manager Zanzibar

Marian Cardoen

A shop on a festival camp-site. In 2009 this concept was realized for the first time and it turned out to be a huge success. So once again this year, ASP, in collaboration with Zanzibar. ASP installed the shop at every major festival, starting with Graspop and ending with Pukkelpop. Project manager Sven Hannes provides the full installation, operation and logistical support for this project. There is also an important focus on the appearance of the Carrefour brand. This shop provides the camper with goods for a comfortable stay at the festival. It provides all basic needs. The products are freshly delivered every day, the drinks are cooled, and thanks to the central positioning the shop is easily reachable, and therefore frequently visited. The festival season is in full swing and for the second year running the concept is hugely popular. Thanks to the excellent cooperation between Zanzibar and ASP we can already speak of a success.