Enterprise of the Year
16.10.2017 to 17.10.2017
Brussels Expo Paleis 10 + A2000, Brussels

Project Manager ASP: Christophe Van Schoorisse + Nele Degeest

For the 23th time on a row EY organizes, in collaboration with "De Tijd" and "BNP Paribas Fortis", the ellections for the Enterprise of the Year.
The winners for 2017 are WDP (NL) and Spadel (FR). Congratulations for both companies with their new title!

L’Entreprise Prometteuse 2017: Trasis
Beloftevolle onderneming van het jaar 2017: PlayPass

Furthermore, once again this year ASP was in charge of the total technical engineering, coordination and production ot this event, from set up till video production! Many thanks to the team!