Guinness World Records "The Longest Catwalk"
Wijnegem Shopping Center
SCMS Wijnegem Shopping Center

Production Manager ASP

Danny De Wit


Project Manager Wijnegem

Katrien Geysen

On Saturday 08/10/2011 the Wijnegem Shopping Center secured a place in the Guinness Book of World Records, and this for the world’s longest catwalk. A team of 10 worked for a week building the catwalk. The equipment arrived on site in 7 trailers. 1.141 stage elements of 2m x 1m were used as well as a number of 1m x 1m elements and some custom built pieces, where necessary. A total length of 2.292 m was constructed. When the preparations started for the Catwalk , the record holder was Thailand, with a length of 1594,70 m. The goal was to build 1.650 m. However due to the fact that Turkey broke the record mid-September by building a 2.069,17 m catwalk, the goal was adjusted to 2.150 m. This meant that part of the catwalk would be situated outside the building.


One of the conditions being that the catwalk was without differences in height. Luckily we were able to extend the catwalk in to the car-park. Wijnegem Shopping Center organized a fashion show (another condition in order to break the record) with no less than 70 models from the Fashion & Styling department of the Sint Maria Institute in Antwerp. After their 2km walk, the models were welcomed on the main stage by the bailiff, the mayor and presenter Els Tibau.


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