House of Temptations
Kolding Shopping Centre, Denmark
Moving Ads

Production Manager ASP:

Maarten Pitteurs


Project Manager Moving Ads:

Jesper Johansen

After working together in Budapest last year, the Danish event agency  'Moving Ads' succesfully continued their collaboration with ASP.


The Kolding Shopping Centre in Denmark decided to celebrate their 20th anniversary by accommodating a live show based on the 'Big Brother' concept. Moving Ads asked us to design and built a large home for the contestants and a seperate stage area. This 'House of Tempations' was located in the middle of the mall and mainly consisted out of Matrix plexi panels. For the stage area we used a truss construction to fit the lighting system and a 2.7m x 3.6m projection screen. Our team stayed on-site during all 20 show days to ensure a perfect execution of this project.