Nauryz 2013
21.03.2013 to 01.04.2013
Astana, Kazakhstan
The City of Astana

Executive Producer ASP

Christophe Van Schoorisse


CAD & Engineering ASP

Tom Van den Burg


Principal Lighting Designer - ACT Lighting Design

Koert Vermeulen



Comissioned by our partner ACT lighting design, ASP constructed an amazing lighting  installation in and surrounding the Bayterek tower in Astana, Kazakhstan for the celebration of the Persian New Year. Furthermore The OVO wooden installation by Belgian Odeaubois and ACT lighting design was illuminated during this show. A stunning lighting spectacle which got mentioned as a special news bulletin on Kazakhstan national television.


In this project we use only low energy sources: the power consumption of the 98 beam lights is only 198W instead of the typical 4000W beam lights. The maximum consumption of LEDs strips lighting up the columns doesn’t exceed 120W per column, thus allowing Astana to welcome spring with bright new light and considering ecology and efficiency of this installation.


Check the news bulletin here:


Photography by : Andrey Kim