Public Sector Organization of the Year
Bozar, Brussels

Executive Producer ASP

Christophe Van Schoorisse


CAD & Engineering ASP

Tom Van den Burg


Project Manager EY

Christophe Ballegeer

For the first time, The ‘Public Sector Organization of the Year ®’ awards are granted by EY and its loyal partners. With this award, the initiators aim to contribute to a better appreciation of effective and innovative initiatives by public organizations, institutions and services that benefit citizens and companies.


Due to our extensive experience with the annual event 'Entrepreneur of the Year ®',  EY was confident to work with ASP for the overall technical coordination, engineering and content production.  Our first challenge was the creation of 16 videos to introduce the finalists, an introduction video of the jury, an opening video and green key backgrounds within less than 3 weeks. All footage was shot on location and edited by ASP.


On February 20th, we had only 6 hours to complete the whole setup in Salle M, the Fumoire and the TerArken rooms. The limited surface in Salle M and the tight timeframe required very detailed and precise engineering to make sure everything fitted perfectly. The result was an smart and effective set that made optimal use of every sqm.